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"Lifting effect for face, neck and décolleté. An ideal face remodelling formula, reducing signs of aging and expression lines (crow’s feet) as well as bags under the eyes."


Vegetable extracts and oils are the base of this extraordinary, unmatched Beauty Serum:
Passionflower extract, rich in flavonoids taken from the flower apex and the red part of Saffron stems (Crocussativus) considered Red Gold, along with the nourishment of carotenoid polyphenols, vitamin A precursors, effective anti-oxidants that inhibit the action of free radicals, make this treatment unique.
- the juice obtained from African Bulbine frutescens plant leaf sap, allows for systematized, effective stimulation of collagen synthesis, giving the skin an ultra firm look that minimizes superficial wrinkles, while the combination of various polymers such as Porphyridium cruentum, micro seaweed from the Red Sea, a mix of cellulose derivatives and biopolymer provide an immediate, intense, long-lasting lifting effect that diminishes small as well as deep wrinkles.
Blackcurrant and sweetbriar Rose oils, excellent for cell regeneration, and Cupuaçu butter contribute to cell wall integrity maintenance, while Vitamin E puts on the finishing touches for all around, 360 degrees comfort.

D'Oro Crepey and Sun Damaged Skin Antiwrinkle Anti Pollution Fluid Lotion

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