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This AntiPollution Mask exploits the absorbent and re-mineralizing properties of the rare Amazon Forest red Clay, with its high content of Iron oxides, Magnesium, Copper and Zinc, which are essential for cellular respiration.
The highly-advanced formula contains a complex of natural active ingredients acting on more levels
- TO PURIFY, through the Moringa oleifera seeds
- TO PROTECT FROM OXIDATION, through the Argania spinosa and Yerba santa leaves
- TO SOOTHE through the Selaginella.

With its soft and velvety texture, thanks to the presence of Argan, Jojoba, Blackcurrent and sweetbriar Rose oilsKarité butter and Vitamins C and E, representing the gold standard in defense against oxidation and free radicals, this mask delivers natural strength and protection to the skin, enabling it to combat smog and antipollution with renewed vigor.
By eliminating the eects of environmental pollution, deriving from dust and microparticles depositing on the skin during the day, it provides an optimal deep-cleansing and detoxing action.

D'Oro Crepey Skin and Sun Damaged Skin Care Treatment Red Clay Mask

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