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"A Sheet Mask consisting of a Bamboo cane tissue, soaked in a concentrated Serum for a deep long-lasting hydration with an intense COOL EFFECT"

A facial Sheet Mask consisting of a sheet of cellulose extracted from Bamboo cane soaked in a concentrated Serum of active ingredients formulated by HELAN. Its functional design prevents quick evaporation of the aqueous phase, extending penetration time.
Comfortable and easy to use, it delivers a deep refreshing effect and acts as an incubator, retaining and protecting active ingredients.

The joint action of triple-effect action Hyaluronic acid, combined with vitamin-and-mineral-rich extracts of Pomegranate, regenerating and anti-aging, Papaya, lightening and soothing, and Cucumber, refreshing and decongesting, is particularly effective in combating skin aging, thus:
- reducing wrinkle
- imparting an immediate lifting effect
- an intense long-lasting hydration
- an increase in the brightne