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"Providing a deep cleansing and detoxing action"


Providing a deep cleansing and detoxing action, Anti-Pollution Shampoo is ideal to eliminate the effects of environmental pollution, leading to airborne dust and microparticles to build up on scalp skin and hair during the day. Its highly-advanced formula has been designed to combat daily atmospheric, physical and mechanical damage on hair and boasts a complex of natural active ingredients that acts on more levels:
• PROTECTS FROM OXIDATION, through the Argania spinosa and Yerba santa leaves, with their high content of phenolic compounds and glycoproteins, defending skin cells against accelerated oxidation brought on by pollution
• RESTRUCTURES, through Chia seeds, with its many properties
By delicately removing impurities, Anti-Pollution Shampoo treats and strengthens the hair, without adding weight. Now perfectly cleansed, the hair is strong and pure and all damage is reset.

Detox and Anti Pollution Shampoo with Argan, Yerba Santa and Chia Seeds

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