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"An extra-fine, super soft texture that snuggles the skin of the body"


A extended pleasure for the body: rich, full-textured but not greasy, this fine emulsion sinks into the skin instantly, bringing all its moisturising properties as well as the delicateness of the ingredients that make this product unique.
The characteristic structure of the formula has a very high affinity for the skin, offering it a silky soft feel while the ultra rich, natural active ingredients transfer all their precious properties.
Softening Mango butter, nourishing Cotton, Rice and sweetbriar Rose oils combine with the anti free radical action of Vitamin E and elasticizing Centella asiatica and Rose hip extracts make this product a real panacea.
The lively bouquet enriches this Scented Cream further, making it an excellent bath companion: velvety, gratifying, pleasant.

Anemone Rosa Flower of the Wind Toning Scented Lotion

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