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Helan Ayentos SHIUMA DA BARBA Indications: For sensitive skin. To soften the hair and favor the action of the blade, it gently softens without irritating. How to use: Shake the container well before use, dispense the right product quantity on the hand and apply it with a light massage before wiping. Warnings: Contains, under pressure, about 4.5% of flammable substances for which it is necessary: Do not spray on free flames or on glowing materials; Keep away from any source of combustion; not smoking; Do not discharge into the eyes; Do not leave children or animals at risk; Do not pierce or burn the container even if it is used; Do not use it improperly. Components: Aloe vera gel; bisabolol; Argan and inca inchi oils; Vitamin E

Helan Ayentos Shaving Foam for Men and Women

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