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PROTECT BABY's DELICATE SKIN EVEN MORE IN THE LAUNDRY and BOTTLE /DISH CLEANING: - Environmentally Friendly - Vegetable Surfactants for Gentle yet Effective Cleansing - No Petroluem ByProducts - No Lanolin - No Sulfates - No Parabens - Certified 100% Free of Nickel, Aluminum, Lead, Mercury, Chromium and Tin - No Methyisothiazolinone/Methylisoclorothiazolinone/Quaterniums/PEG's - Eco Friendly and Fair Trade Ingredients This formula was created with utmost care according to the same parameters used for the Linea Bimbi cosmetic line that ensure impeccable hygiene because pacifiers, teats and bottles come into direct contact with baby’s mouth, as do plates, cutlery and

Helan Bollicine Delicate Dish Washing Soap for Infants and Toddlers

SKU: 36P
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