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"Color protect treatment anti-dryness anti-knotting"


With a soft creamy texture, it contains a high concentration of restructuring agents, to thoroughly repair the hair fiber when heavily damaged by hair dyes and perms.
Naturally acidic, Grapefruit extract helps restore correct scalp pH and remove any alkaline residues left by decoloring substances, thereby smoothening and sealing the hair cuticles and resulting in improved hair texture and increased shine.
A complex of lipopeptides derived from Bamboo proteins and Sunflower phytoceramides uses their natural strength to form new self-assembling cuticles on the hair, offering effective protection against “aggressive styling treatments”, while a gluconamide derivative helps capture and retain the hair color inside the hair fiber, creating strong ionic bonds between coloring agents.
The protective and anti-oxidizing properties of Pomegranate, together with the regenerating and nourishing properties of Babassu, Jojoba, Flaxseed, Marula, Pentaclethra macroloba oils and Cupuaçu and Mafura butters, combined with the repair action performed by Vitamin E, nourish, recompact and restore texture to the most damaged and depleted “tiles”, for greater softness and shine.

Helan Capelvenere Paraben Free Restructuring and Reacidifying Mask

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