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maidenhair extract Baobab, Jojoba oil and Panthenol Fine, thin hair that tends to break easily or form split ends will benefit from this Volumizing Foam right from the first application. Enriched with moisturizing Boabab extracts, reinforcing Panthenol and the lubricating features of Jojoba oil that lightly wraps each hair strand, protect from external agents (such as smog and sun), making hair stronger, fuller and easy to comb. For light yet effective hold and maximum shine. How to use it: can be used every day on dry or wet hair to give hair volume and added protection. Place a small amount on the ends of dry hair to “touch up” the hair style or on damp hair after shampooing, using the fingertips to shape hair while drying with a hairdryer.

Helan Capelvenere Paraben Free Volumizing Hair Foam

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