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With Three Vitamin and Five Minerals, maidenhair extract, Chilli Pepper, Minerals Cu, Mg, Fe, Si and Zn Vitamins B5, H and PP
These lotions contain three Vitamins: D-Panthenol Nicotinamide and Biotin, to  bring essential nourishment to the hair.
The action of Vitamins has been noticeably enhanced by the synergetic combination of a bio-ferment that comes from Red Chilly Pepper maceration with yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae), for a marked increase in microcirculation; whereas Mineral Salts, essential in numerous biological processes such as enzyme reactions at the heart of vitamin assimilation, improve hair follicle nourishment.

Helan Capelvenere Revitalizing Lotion Women with Thinning Hair

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