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"Instantly absorbed, applied in a few second and no need to rinse"

The aromatherapy of the essential oil mix in this formula stimulates the olfactive receptors while the synergetic association of active ingredients becomes an important ally in effectively fighting unsightly cellulitis with triple action:
Centella asiaticaElderberry and Meadowsweet extracts improve microcirculation and favor liquid removal with their actions
- brown Algae from Brittany, Fucus and Laminaria, are rich in organic compounds and oligoelements in optimal concentrations, helping liquid reabsorption and fighting fat deposits that weigh down the silhouette.
The synergetic association of CaffeineKola nut and green Tea further enhances fat mobilization for more effective elimination
black Pepper, with its rubefacient qualities, helps dilate blood vessels and aids in the consequential absorption of active ingredients
The intense coloring of the product is due to the high percentage of vegetable active ingredients.

Helan Cellulite Treatment Algae Cell Heating Intensive Mud Cream

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