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"intensive night treatment, anti-fatigue - regenerating - repairing action A dream solution for your face"


The new brand HELAN Sleeping Mask is a super concentrate of active ingredients to be left on the skin all night.
An innovative formulation and intensive concentrate that relies on the regenerating and repairing properties of Bulbine frutescens and Origanum majorana leaves, combined with Essential Hydration Sugars, to create a sort of “seal” on the top layer of the skin, helping restore natural moisture and balance, promoting skin renewal throughout the night and accelerating skin barrier repair.
If during the day, the skin is forced to fight o external aggressions, during the night, in the absence of environmental stressors, and with the aid of Sleeping Mask, it can focus on reconstruction, damage repair and self-regeneration.
The result is immediately visible the next morning, with skin looking brighter, regenerated, detoxified and well-rested and feeling pleasantly soft and fresh.

Helan D'Oro Crepey Skin Care Sleeping Mask

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