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Helan’s Super Moisturizing Concentrated Filler is an especially targeted product with a particularly rich, exclusive pool of active ingredients that work together to give the face as well as lip and eye areas new found consistency.

Made to subdue any flaw, this product is sustained by the most modern concepts thanks to natural, biotechnological, especially active molecules:


triple action Hyaluronic Acid triple action Hyaluronic Acid with a range of molecular weight that goes from high to low, to limit water evaporation and enhance moisturizing that lasts longer and deeper.

- impalpable, photoactive microparticles that reflect light with a “Soft Vision Effect”, to give the skin immediate radiance and glow.

HELAN'S SUPER MOISTURIZING CONCENTRATED FILLER moisturizes, nourishes and “fills” small wrinkles in depth thanks to its all-natural, filling effect.

Helan Dehydrated Skin Care Laugh Line, Crows Feet and Lip Line Filler

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