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Its ultra-light and delicate formula and super soft texture, combined with its pleasantly refreshing and soothing action, make it the ideal cosmetic treatment to deliver immediate comfort to ultra-fragile skin and protect it from redness and allergic reactions.
The complex of Physalis alkekengiLiquoriceGarçinia mangostana and Aloe vera juice extracts protects the elastin and collagen fibers, optimizing their repairing and restructuring activity and improving microcirculation and skin oxygenation.
Vitamins B5, C and E, the gold standard in anti-age treatment, inhibit free-radical damage and optimize antioxidant activity.
Skin will immediately appear brighter, softer and smoother, ready to get the best out of the next treatment.

Helan Delicate and Sensitive Skin Soothing and Refreshing Facial Mask

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