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OLFACTORY FAMILY: flowery GROUP: fruity flowery, green flowery, musky wood The flowery, opening notes are of French Marigold and Peach flowers with a trace of green inspired by Mallow leaves and black Currant. The heart notes are enchanted by white flowers, the dominant characteristic of the fragrance, which then fade into the everlasting scent of young, morning Tuberose. The tender, soft caresses of Pittosporum flowers sweeten the smell and combine with the light scent of red fruits and berries to make the fragrance creamier, softer, more enveloping. Vivacious black Currant then comes up from fair Mallow flowers. The background notes sizzle in sensuality thanks to the warm accents of Cedar of Lebanon, Ebony and Sandalwood to slide into a Musky embrace where the palpable sweetness is enveloped by the rich smell of Labdanum and Vetiver that release their noble whiff, precious and secret.

Helan Fiori Radici Frutti - Malva (Mallow) Eau de Parfum

SKU: 28Y
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