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A unique and versatile product that can meet the most different needs: a non-sticky mascara for thick, full-bodied lashes.
Soft and creamy, this mascara combs the lashes, curls them and intensifies their natural colour: swipe after swipe, your lashes will be fuller and volumized.
Enriched with a concentrate of Mung bean and Red clover sprouts, this mascara stimulates the production of growth factors that regulate the life cycle of the lashes, lengthening and strengthening them.

The new elliptical elastomer brush allows to separate the lashes one by one and to apply the product evenly from root to tips with amazing extra-volume.

Black is the colour that best enhances both eyelashes and eyes.

Suitable for sensitive eyes and if you wear contact lenses.

Helan Mascara in Nero (Italian for Black)

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