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Helan's Exclusive line of personal care products are formulated to be free of Harmful preservatives such as parabens, PEG's, Quaterniums, and Methylisothiazolinone, along with harmful fillers such as petroleum byproducts, mineral oil, siliones and lanolin. Each batch is specifically tested 100% free of contaminants like Lead, Nickel, Mercury, Cadmium, Tin and Aluminum (all of which do not need to be listed in an ingredient list since they are contaminants) THe Helan line is highly concentrated with jars and bottles lasting up to three times longer than other brands. From the sun, the best for your beauty If hair is long and after swimming it tends to tangle becomes to comb, the Disentangling Conditioner is the ideal product to use after the Shampoo. From its first application, you experiece its effects on your hair that immediately feels soft shining the nourishing and polishing properties of Monoi de Tahiti, the Cupucau butter and the oil extracted from the Brazilian nut are combined with the activity of free anti radicals of Vitamin E for an effective restructuring action. The anti-fade complex from Wasabia japonica prevents the colour fading" by ensuring the top natural shine and by protecting your hair wi- thout making look dull How to use it after a normal wash, apply the Conditioner generously, comb your hair with a wood wide-tooth comb ensuring an even distribution of the product Let it set for a few minutes, then rinse out thoroughly with warm or cold water. Use it after every wash, except when you apply the Mask

Helan Monoi Di Tahiti After Sun Paraben Free Detangling Conditoner

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