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Helan's Exclusive Mens Lines of personal care products take into account the subtle differences in men's skin. It is 20% thicker than women's skin, it can be consistently shaved. Harmful preservatives such as parabens, PEG's, Quaterniums, and Methylisothiazolinone are kept out along with harmful fillers such as petroleum byproducts, mineral oil, siliones and lanolin. Each batch is specifically tested 100% free of contaminants like Lead, Nickel, Mercury, Cadmium, Tin and Aluminum (all of which do not need to be listed in an ingredient list since they are contam With essential oil of Sage and Vitamin E The pleasure of deodorizing, of perfuming oneself. One of the most important gestures of the day is the choice of deodorant. Sweat, when it has just come forth, is odorless. However, when it comes into contact with enzymes and bacteria, it is degraded and altered, giving off volatile, unpleasant smelling substances. HELAN’s new ROLL-ON, especially suitable for delicate skin, was formulated to prevent the formation of unpleasant odors, keeping the microorganisms responsible for sweat degradation in check. This formula unites the skin-purifying action of essential oil of Sage with the antioxidizing activity of a Vitamin E. Furthermore, a pool of anti-enzymatic substances block the enzymes used by bacteria to break down sweat without altering the normal flora. HELAN’s ROLL-ON completely respects the skin’s balance with a reduction of sweat odor that lasts up to 24 hours after application. The appealing scent enriches the skin with its fresh fragrance. It does not affect transpiration; it does not contain alcohol or volatile gases.

Helan Naturals Olmo ( Italian for Elm) Fragranced for Men Roll On Deodorant

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