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Helan's Exclusive line of personal care products are formulated to be free of Harmful preservatives such as parabens, PEG's, Quaterniums, and Methylisothiazolinone, along with harmful fillers such as petroleum byproducts, mineral oil, siliones and lanolin. Each batch is specifically tested 100% free of contaminants like Lead, Nickel, Mercury, Cadmium, Tin and Aluminum (all of which do not need to be listed in an ingredient list since they are contaminants) THe Helan line is highly concentrated with jars and bottles lasting up to three times longer than other brands Aloe vera juice Tea tree essential oil The innovative compound used by HELAN acts through controlling the microorganisms responsible for sweat degradation and its consequential unpleasant odour formation: THIS PRODUCT DOES NOT INTERFERE WITH THE NATURAL ACT OF SKIN TRANSPIRATION, hence sweat forms normally but, thanks to the presence of Triethyl citrate, the enzyme esterase responsible for sweat degradation is blocked as is its proceeding unpleasant odour formation. The Scented Deodorant from HELAN

Helan Ninfea (Water Lily) Deodorant

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