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"For cracked heels, corns and calluses"

The soles and heels of the feet are prone to skin thickening and cracking which, with time, may give way to painful corns, calluses and chilblains. HELAN has made its Smoothing Repairing Cream available to counteract these annoying skin problems.
How Smoothing Cream works: the inclusion of Urea (10%), which has very strong smoothening properties, favors the elimination of superficial dead skin cells, softens and improves cracks and crevices on the heels as well as skin flaking and shedding, visibly reducing calluses. Enriched with Tea tree and Mint essential oils as well as Lapacho extract, it fights against unpleasant odor formation while dermo-purifying Crabwood and Neem oils and sweet Almond oil repairs the deep cracks that are hard to take care of.

Helan Pie Veloce Italian Foot TreatmentFoot Repair Butter Cream

SKU: 55T
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