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From this unusual combination a new “Eau de Parfum” was born for Helan’s “Racconti Fioriti”, a scent that rotates around the extracts of the two main notes: an outlandish duet between the leaves and flowers of climbing Hydrangea and the leaves and fruit of wild Fig. An unexpected couple formed for a natural, fresh, innovative fragrance that opens in the rich, fruity notes of Marathi, Indian Davana, to mingle with the new, fascinating sensations released by Hydrangea leaves and Tagetes flowers, balanced out by a touch of Fig leaf. The heart of the scent unfolds in an original blend of green leaves and sweet fruits. A trenchant smell that lets the Mediterranean live once again, where the bright pureness of Jasmine is lost in fruity flicks of Fig, with its luscious scent softened by green. On this whiff, the lovely Heliotrope flower, slightly vanilla, abandons itself in a precious, amber accord, boisée that brings about a most original, harmonious scent that is delicate yet persistent.

Helan RACCONTI FIORITI - Ortensia e Fico Eau De Parfum

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