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"Removes salt chlorinw and sand for face body and hair"


Specifically studied for skin exposed to the sun and made with vegetable based surfactants which cleanse delicately and preserve the skin and hair’s integrity, respecting its physiologic balance and revitalizing its fibres.
Enriched with sweet Almond proteins, particularly restructuring, as well as extracts taken from Aloe vera juice and Marigold flowers, rich in mucilage, it carries out a soothingmoisturizing action to bring back softness for healthy skin and hair.
Delicate and free of irritating agents with its proteic-glucidic structure, this formula effectively removes impurities while not eliminating sebum, aminoacids or proteins, for exceptionally soft skin and hair.

Helan Sole Bimbi Infant and Toddler Sun Care Line Chlorine Removing Shampoo

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