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PROTECT BABY's and TODDLER's DELICATE SKIN FROM THE SUN: - Environmentally Friendly - Water Resistant - Easy to Apply - Certified Cruelty Free - No Petroluem ByProducts - No Lanolin - No Sulfates - No Parabens - Certified 100% Free of Nickel, Aluminum, Lead, Mercury, Chromium and Tin - No Methyisothiazolinone/Methylisoclorothiazolinone/Quaterniums/PEG's - Eco Friendly and Fair Trade Ingredients Enriched by extracts of Marigold flowers, Aloe vera juice, sweet Almond oil and Vitamin E, it’s particularly recommended to prevent redness skin. The creamy consistency and the balanced combination of physical filters can guarantee: water resistance medium protection from UVB and UVA rays, while the Cellular Repair protects the skin’s surface from infrared rays, neutralizing the free radicals they emit. This product helps the skin’s gradual adaptation to the sun.

Helan Sole Bimbi SPF 25 Sun Care Cream for Infants, Toddlers and Babies

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