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Helans Vogliadisole products contain nothing that damages the skin, instead, ingredients are scrutinized for their benefits. Paraben, Propylene Glycol, Quaternium, Sodium Benzoate, Mineral Oil, Lanolin, PEG and Sulfate Free. Also free of Artificial Dyes and Fragrances, each ingredient is chosen not for its color or shelf life, but for the benefit of your skin. All products in the Helan line are highly concentrated with each jar/bottle lasting up to three times longer than comparable brands For added safety, all products in the Helan line are certified 100% free of 6 common contaminants (ingredients that do not need to be listed on the label because they were not purposely put in there). So each product in the line is certified free of Lead, nickel,Aluminum, mercury, tin and cadmium. Phototypes 1 and 2 - Blonde For very fair, particularly sensitive skin, light-coloured eyes and blonde hair Against sunspots For intense exposure: tropical areas, boat, high mountain Water Resistant with NOT NANOMATERIALS SUNSCREENS The high protection factor, SPF 30, allows for a gradual, completely safe suntan even for the most delicate and sensitive skin that reacts to the sun with reddening. The formulas, thanks to the balanced blend of complimentary, wide range, photo-stable UV filters, stay active on the skin longer, ensuring all round protection from the undesired effects of the sun and skin aging. Both the cream and sun milk may be used during pregnancy and with the consumption of photo-sensitization since the use of these products limits the risk of unsightly sun spots. ANTI-WRINKLES SUN CREAM SPF 30 prevents sun damage through: - an Innovative filtering system that is both efficient and photostable so as not only to avoid sunburn (UVB) but also reduce the risks of premature skin aging (UVA) - Cellular Repair that protects the skin’s surface from infrared rays, neutralizing the free radicals they emit. water resistant as necessary easy to apply with no traces of w

Helan Vogliadisole Anti Wrinkles Sun Cream for Face Neck and Hands SPF30

SKU: 73C30
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