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Phototype 3 and 4 - Castano For light skin and blond hair that softens gradually For brown skins and brown hair With PHYSICAL FILTER NOT IN NANO SHAPE The medium protection factor , is indicated for light complexions but that tan gradually and to brown skins and brown hair for safe protection from ultraviolet rays. The formulas, thanks to a balanced association of multiple complementary UV filters, broad-spectrum, photostable, which remain active longer on the skin, ensure global protection from the undesirable effects of the sun and skin aging . THE VELVANT SPARKLING SOLAR MILK SPF 15 prevents sun damage with: - an innovative, efficient and photostable filtering system , not only to avoid burns (UVB) but also to reduce the risk of premature skin aging (UVA) - a Cell Repairer that protects the skin surface from infrared rays neutralizing the free radicals they emit. Water resistant when necessary Easy to apply, does not leave white traces Soft and gentle on the skin Fresh, light and pleasant to the touch, it takes care of the skin, enhancing its tanned color. Optimize the formula the free antioxidant and anti - free radical action of the Pomegranate extract, the oils of Watermelon, Raspberry, Loofah and Sesame and Vitamin E which protect the skin from degenerative aging processes while the walnut husk extract , the Karanja, Annatto, Buriti, Carrot and Karanja oils and the particular tanning complex based on oleyl tyrosine intensifies the tan.

Helan Vogliadisole SunTan Milk SPF 15

SKU: 76L15
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