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The skin of the hand is particularly delicate and must be protected above all in the winter when it is subjected to cold and wind, which make the delicate skin even more fragile. Thanks to the abundances of nutrients and natural ingredients in this hand cream it is rich with a really light texture and helps combat redness and chapping using a Triple Action. PROTECTIVE BARRIER EFFECT. Thanks to the high content of Beeswax and Shea Butter which cover the hands like a light protective glove and prevent the skin from coming into direct contact with external agents. It protects the skin from redness and chapping due to both environmental and weather agents. EMOLLIENT. Due to the contents of Thyme mellite, rich in fructose, glucose , vitamins and mineral salts and swee Almond and Grape seed oils, widely practices by the popular tradition of natural remedies and corroborated by recently published scientific studies. DERMOPURIFYING. Due to the action of Thyme and lemon essential oils for soft and radiant hands. For soft, white and bright hands always without chapping or drying. pH balanced

Linea Dolcezza Cream Per Le Mani Protective Dermopurifying Hand Cream

SKU: 19M
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