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"A non-aersol spray to remove head lice and nits"

A mix of precious, ultra-delicate vegetable oils, that are especially indicated for the most sensitive of skin types, is combined with targeted Lavender flowersCrabwood and Neem oils, particularly effective against parasites, are extremely harsh on the parasite’s respiratory system. The formula is equally effective on nits, thereby inhibiting the life-cycle of reproduction and development.

The Oil as a Spray favors the even distribution of the product on the hair and scalp, while the fine mist eases oil penetration as well as insect covering. Thanks to its mechanical action, the Oil inhibits nit attachment so that they slip away and can be more easily exported using the fine-toothed comb provided.


Occhio al Pidocchio Head Lice Intensive Oil Treatment Repels Head Lice

SKU: 37O
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