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BODY AND HAIR Pomegranate red Grape

Grape seeds

A Gel with an intense scent that respects and softens the skin while ensuring impeccable cleansing, A delicate foam that enriches us with its ultra-personal, inebriating scent while ensuring skin with gentle so Perfectly clean This SLS, ŠLES" and preservative free formula is made with vegetable based, gentle cleansers that are further enhanced by the invigorating action of Pomegranate, red Grape and Grape seed extracts, rich in polyphenols and anthocyanosides, marked for being intense antioxidants. It cleanses thoroughly yet delicately, fully respecting the skins balance

How to use it: lather the Gel onto damp hair and skin in the shower for a quick cleanse, or in the bath when you can dedicate a bit more time and attention to a sweet soak Rinse thoroughly

This delicate formula may be used every day for perfect skin and hair every time, particularly suitable for sensitive or easily reddened skin types.

Racontti Di Fioriti Magnolia Stellata (Star Magnolia) Body Wash and Shampoo

SKU: 29ma
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