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Apply on the scar and around it about a fingers width outside of the borders.


Dragons Blood- Heals wounds, antiinflammatory, anti microbial and a giant boost of anti oxidant and minerals

Gotu Kola - Improves circulation in the area of the scar

Echinacea - Deeply hydrates the skin and a giant boost of skin healing Vitamin E

Licorice - Helps reduce hyperpigmentation and has anti inflammatory properties

Honey - very healing and anti-microbial and a great substrate to deliver ingredients

Comfrey - contains allantoin which has been shown to help regenerate new skin cells.  It also will assist reducing inflammation

Pomegranate - purifies the skin and promotes collagen production

Basil - soothes and calms the skin

Rosehip - reduces hyperpigmentation and boosts hydration.  Can help to exfoliate to assist in the delivery of ingredients, boosts collagen production

Sandalwood - improves elasticity, shown to help reduce the thickness of scars (especially when formulated with honey)

Scar Relief Therapeutic Cream

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