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This is a multi use cream  -perfect for acne prone skin.  Also greate preemptively for cyclic acne due to menstruation.  It can also be used when the skin is exposed to environmental hazards especially the sun.  Use this whenever you want o give your skin a treat that keeps working for hours.

Royal Jelly - VERY ANTI AGING, it boost collagen production which helps maintain a healthy structure to the skin.  Some protection from UV Rays will help prevent sun damage and its aging effects

Burdock Root - Acne reducing, anti bacterial and anti inflammatory

Lemon - Purifies the skin and the surrounding structures under the skin. Regulates oil production helping with oily skin.  Anti Acne

Tea Tree Oil - Anti microbial and anti acne and purifies the skin of fungal and bacterian overgrowth


Therapeutic Purifying Skin Cream

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