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The End All BE all of Lotions it has ALL of the latest ingredients have been proven to reduce the signs of aging, to decelerate the aging process, to relieve dry skin, to reduce the effects of sun damage (a known age accelerator), a collagen and elastin booster.   

Use at least once a week to counteract all of the damage and set your skin on a beautiful new course


Argan Oil - the golden oil - rich in fatty acids that are most similar to the fatty acids of the skin, it deeplu hydrates and nourishes
Silk Peptides - Decelerates the skin aging process by interrupting the communication of aging cells

Hyaluronic Acids - deeply hydrates and plumps the skin allowing for minerals and vitamins to be delivered

Aloe - Extremely healing and hydrating.  Inflammation ages the skin - so an all over body anti inflammatory is the perfect addition to your skin care formulation

Glycoproteins - a crucial part of the skin structure - when you formulate with Hyaluyronic acid - the two work synergistically to repair the structure of the skin

Irish Sea Moss - remineralizes the skin making it more resiliant, and helps with the structure bulding actions of the skin

Therapuetic Line Nourishing and Anti Aging Body Lotion

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